Friday, 27 January 2017

My Highlights of 2016

Whenever I think of a year passing, I never think it’s that long. But when I sat down to think about the content of this post, it amazed me to think how much has actually happened in 2016! I know that 2016 has been quite a sad year, in terms of the news or what’s going on in the world. To talk more personally, you may have had some difficult times throughout, myself included!  But I hope you’ve had lots of happy times, and a lot of good memories that you can take from the year.

I’ve really enjoyed thinking back and remembering what I’ve done – anything I’ve achieved, or enjoyed, no matter how small they are. So I thought I’d make a little list of some of my main highlights!


So in July, after three years of hard work, long hours, tears and a whole lot of stress, I finally graduated from Lancaster University with a 2:1 in Mathematics and Statistics. It was such a huge moment for me because I really felt like I achieved something for myself that was my own choice, on my own. Of course, when I say on my own I don’t mean without the amazing love and support from my family and James but I feel like the whole process of university – living away from home, looking after myself, motivating myself to study etc. - that was something that was new to me and I feel like now I can face anything!

My 3rd anniversary with James:

Wow, 3 years. Is it weird to say that time has flown past, but also gone slowly at the same time? Whilst I can't believe that it's already been three years since we first started dating, it also feels like we've been together for so much longer. I think it's probably because we've both gone through so much together these past few years - more than your average 18 year old (at the time) would. James and I met at university, and we were practically neighbours in our halls so when we started dating, we were pretty much living together already! We continued to live with each other through my second and final year at university so we've really been together through everything.
We celebrated our third anniversary in November, and it was incredible. We booked a hotel getaway for the weekend, and we pretty much just curled up watching whatever was on TV and eating a load of chocolates for the first night. 
The actual anniversary day was amazing. We started the day going to one of my favourite breakfast/brunch places - Le Pain Quotidienne. James had surprised me with tickets to go watch Aladdin the musical and if you haven't seen it, I 100% recommend it! They kept the same songs from the Disney film which I loved because I could sing along and feel like a 3 year old kid again! But the main highlight is definitely the genie, he made me genuinely laugh out loud and I felt so ridiculously happy - I swear I was grinning like a Cheshire cat the whole way through! I don't want to get too soppy but having James in my life will always be a highlight of my year.

The birth of my baby cousin, Tristan:

Here's a little backstory:
My grandmother had my dad (who is the eldest of three) when she was 24, and my dad had me when he was 24! I used to say all the time growing up that I would have kids at 24 too, but now that I'm 21, I think I may have to put that thought on hold! So because my dad had me quite young in comparison to when his siblings had kids, there is quite a large age gap between me and my cousins!

Which leads me to introduce the new addition to my family - my beautiful cousin Tristan who is 21 years younger than me! I went to go visit him and my aunt in Singapore in the summer when he was born, and now he is about 6 months old and I can't believe how big he's gotten!!

He's a precious little warrior!

I hope you liked this post my lovelies, and I'd love to hear about your highlights of 2016! Leave me a comment below! 

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